Harry WillatsThis year’s recipient of the Dudley Errington Memorial Trophy for the most improved player of the year, as determined by Frederiek, Matthew & Toby, is Harry Willatts. He was presented with the trophy at club afternoon on Friday 29/11.

Harry (18) joined a couple of seasons ago. Initially he just played with his friend Eden and was pretty much a beginner. He started playing the singles tournaments last autumn and has since then been a regular. He also played his first two matches for the club in the summer. He has started playing at club sessions and also helping out if required to make an eight with Simon’s Thursday group.  He was part of the top coaching group for one term but was unable to attend after that. However he has, off his own bat, continued to improve all aspects of his game.
The culmination of his improvement to date was reaching the top three of the B series singles last week where the three first round winners recorded one win each, after playing each other. Garth Vaughan beating Harry 6-3 Tom Baber beating Garth 7-5 and Harry beating Tom 7-6 (7-5).
As well as improving his tennis this year, the thing that most people comment on is his great attitude. A good example of his fair play was in the tie-break against Tom when he was 2-3 down he called a ball out, then overruled himself to go 2-4 down. Guy and Malcolm who partnered him in the two matches he played were extremely complementary about his attitude.


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